Mark 10:16

"And he took them up in his arms, put his hands upon them, and blessed them."
Our Mission

What we’re all about

At PARK Ministries, we’re dedicated to joining in the work that God is doing in Jinja, Uganda. Jinja is a bustling and vibrant community in desperate need of Christ’s love and compassion. 

Our mission is to utilize our connections in this unique community to identify their physical and spiritual needs, and then to partner with local ministers in meeting those needs- all to the glory of God.

If you would like to get involved in this growing Kingdom partnership, stay tuned! We’ll use this website to post updates about the work we’re doing, as well as giving you specific information about how you can play an active role in what God is doing in Uganda! 


Park Kids 2023<br />

Separated by 7000 miles

YourJonathan returned to Missouri at the end of 2023 and has been recovering from his major surgery and working in Joplin to help pay for expenses in Jinga. 

Maria is still maintaining the home, store and cafe in Jinga. We are working diligently to get her visa but are being overwelmed with red-tape. Your support is needed so that Jonathan can return to Uganda. The current cost of the ticket is $3100.

christmas 2022<br />

Christmas Activities

The Sprinkles (Jonathan and Maria) participated in the Christmas program for a local church in Jinja, Uganda.  Jonathan played the father of the family and told the whole story of Christ Jesus’ birth.  

The attendance was so large they had to present a second show that night to accomodate the crowd.

Tax Exempt Confirmation

We are thrilled with the very recent news from the Internal Revenue Service granting PARK Ministries with 501 (c) (3)  tax exemption status.  This was not an simple process and we are greatful to our heavenly Father for answering our prayers so quickly.

Your gifts from 2022 are covered under the expention as well as all future gifts to help with the work in Jinja, Uganda.



Zebra Coffee Shop

Newly opened – Coffee shop and Cafe is directly across the road from the area hospital.  It provides a base of operation of ministering to people in a variety of situations.  God seems to be blessing with every cup and we are honored to be of service.

Coffee and Snacks

This is the first food service in the neighborhood and the community is very greatful. The traffic is regular and ministry opportunities are plentiful.  We are greatful to be of service.

Ministry Center

The Zebra Coffee shop serves as a location for Bibles studies and times of corporate worship. Reconciling souls with their Heavely Father is the core of PARK Ministries.

January Newsletter

JF 2023 PARK newsletter   The January and Februrary news from Jinja Uganda and the PARK house.

It’s all about

Compassionate service

In Scripture, when Jesus saw a need and felt compassion, he immediately took action to meet that need. That same spirit of compassion is what drives us at PARK Ministries!  We’re looking for ways to actively meet needs and bless the people of Jinja, Uganda in the name of Jesus. Just look at the difference the love of God has made in the life of this boy!


Get Involved

God is actively transforming lives in Uganda! If you’re interested in helping us sow the seeds of the gospel by joining in the work he’s doing in Jinja, please contact us today!

Telephone: (417) 396-6087